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How to start Alkaline water business in india?

Alkaline water business plan:

Drinking water, which is essential for the survival of millions of people, has become a commercial product today. Recently it has become necessary to buy and drink purified water regardless of cities and villages. Water purified by reverse osmosis (RO) plants removes some essential minerals and other substances. But the minerals needed for health are being added to the water called mineral water. We are looking at marketing water with glucose as energy water.

Alkaline water is another type of water that has become popular in recent times. Research around the world shows that alkaline water has many health benefits.

What is alkaline water?

Alkalinity and acidity are measured by the amount of hydrogen ions in water. The pH value of water ranges from 1 to 14. If the pH value of water is between 1 to 6, it is considered as acidic water, if the pH value of water is 1, it is considered as neutral water, and if the pH value is between 8 to 14, it is treated as alkaline water.


Body weight decreases. Increases bone strength. Physical strength increases. Increases skin radiance. Mental energy increases and keeps healthy. Increases immunity. Alkaline water is very good for people who do not exercise and eat western food. Overall health can be achieved through consumption of alkaline water.

So friends!! You can be self employed and earn good profit by setting up alkaline water plant.


Method of Preparation:

Alkaline water is produced by passing purified water through alkaline + carbon + sediments filters made with special technology. The pH value should be between 8-9 and the water should be prepared and filled in 20 liter cans and marketed to homes and commercial places.

Industry Cost:

10 lakhs to set up a general alkaline water canning industry with a production capacity of 6,000 liters per day
Needed. That means for the purification plant, water cans and other expenses we need Rs.10 lakh. For the same, a cooling alkaline water canning industry with a production capacity of 6,000 liters per day would require up to Rs.20 lakhs.

Permissions required for setting up Alkaline Water Plant:

Business registration should be done. Registration should be done under Small Scale Industry. By doing so, the central government can get subsidy for new small scale industries. Also permission must be taken from (FSSAI) food safety and standards authority of India, local panchayats. Should have ISI or ISO certification.

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