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How to start picklemart franchise in india?

Starting with a very low investment and providing an opportunity to earn huge income, without the need of any workers or other staff. Also, let’s know about the famous company that has brought this brand new franchise business to the market and is rapidly setting up stores in india and the franchise business opportunity offered by that company!

Going into details! Pickled greens are a favorite of Telugu people. Especially in Telugu homes, there is no lump that does not come down without pickles. Especially Telugus are meat lovers. For those who are fed up with traditional pickles like avocado, gongura, cilantro, lemon etc., the non veg pickles of Godavari district are giving new flavors. Godavari district is adjacent to full Godavari, fish, shrimps, crabs etc. are not enough for fisheries. As a result, the non-veg greens prepared in this region are gaining popularity in the country and abroad. Mostly exported to foreign countries, a business of crores of rupees is done.


So with the aim of making the pickles of Godavari districts, which are so popular, available to all the states of our country, a company called costaprime is going to set up stores under the name “PICKLE MART” in all areas. In this picklemart there are more than 200 types of famous in Andhra homemade.. non-veg pickles, veg pickles, pastries, carappods etc. in this store. Especially this Pickle Mart store has Bhimavaram non-veg pickles which are very famous in Andhra. Besides, food products such as Atreyapuram Putarekulu, Kakinada Kaja, Tapeshwaram Madatha Kaja, Dhavaleshwaram Jeelu, Gangaraju Palakova etc. are available in this picklemart which are famous in Godavari districts.

In the preparation of these pickles, without adding any preservatives, without using any machinery, pickles are made in our homes in traditional Andhra methods, in a hygienic environment, in a handmade process. These pickles are stored only in ceramic jars and sold to customers fresh from the jars. Also, pickles are prepared using quality oils and other spices using Guntur pepper from Andhra, which is famous in our country. They have been following the same taste and quality standards for many years.

So present, this company offers PICKLE MART franchisees in all states, all district centers, towns, rural areas and all other areas of India. Those who are interested can use this franchise opportunity and earn good income. This opportunity can be availed by aspiring entrepreneurs, unemployed youth, women, retired employees. Even those who have no business experience can run this business alone, no workers or other staff are required.


This pickle mart store has non-veg pickles like chicken pickle, boneless chicken pickle, nastukodi pickle, mutton pickle, mutton kheema pickle, korameenu pickle, pandugappa fish pickle, crab pickle, small prawan pickle, large prawan pickle etc. .

Also kottapalli mango pickle, coriander pickle, red chilli pickle, mango thokku pickle, ginger pickle, curry leaves pickle, garlic pickle, drumsticks pickle, green chilli pickle, lemon pickle, tomato pickle, tamarind pickle, bitter gourd pickle, gongura pickle, amla Veg pickles like pickle, cauliflower pickle and pudina pickle are also available in this store.

Andhra special karappodi like rice karappodi, idly karappodi, toor dall karappodi, drumsticks leaves karappodi, kakara karappodi, prawn karappodi etc. are available in this store. Similarly in Andhra, Godavari district and Konaseema region also have other famous pastries in this store.
3,60,000/- rupees have to be paid to the company to set up this Pickle Mart franchise. This franchise fee is Rs. 3,60,000 including brand fee and marketing fee. Also, with this amount, all the necessary equipment for the store will be provided, i.e. LED BRAND NAME MAIN board, Lolipop board, Cash Counter, Weighing machine, billing machine, Packing machine, Packing Material, interior display Vinyal boards, Leaflets, Product stickers etc. Besides, the company also gives initial stock worth 80,000/- to 1,00,000/-.



After you take a pickle mart franchise, you don’t have to pay any royalty or security deposits to the company. The Franchise Agreement is for a period of 3 years. When it comes to profit margin, there is a profit margin of 15 to 25% on the sales made in the outlet. The company says that you can earn around 40,000/- to 50,000/- rupees per month as income.

For you to set up this pickle mart franchise, minimum 150sq. fts commercial shop has to be taken on rent. In that shop you have to make picklemart brand theme for interior decoration. The company will guide you in this interior design.

Company teams like digital marketing team, sales development team, quality control team are always taking steps to increase picklemart outlet sales.

Also gives you complete training on picklemart store operations. Provides online promotion support to your franchisee. The company always gives all kinds of advice and suggestions that you need to do business.



If you have any queries regarding the details of this picklemart franchise, visit the website This website has complete information. Those who are interested in this business, discuss everything with the company and take a decision.
Contact them through their phone numbers, website of the company appearing below. Contact via whatsapp if the phone number is call waiting or busy.

M/s COSTA PRIME (Pickle Mart Stores)
Phone numbers: 99660 97099, 89194 59969 (10:00am to 6:30pm)
Address: D.No.25-4-28, 1st floor, KSR Street, Eluru, Andhra pradesh.

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