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Homemade business story in india. Most inspiring entrepreneur mrs lavanya success story

Inspiring Self-employment Stories, Not only did he earn many degrees, but he was known as a hand in the manufacture of herbal products. Inspiring Success Story of Mrs.lavanya in her own words …

“Our hometown. Dad works in court. Mom is a homemaker. I have a sister. She does a private job. Being a lower-middle-class family, the financial difficulties were great. The conditions of the study are endless. But since childhood, I had a quest to study well and do great things that no one else did. My mother encouraged me to study and achieve anything. Mom had a desire to read big books. Want to make his dream come true for us. He was very supportive of us all. In the midst of such financial problems, Inter completed. At the same time, I was getting married to a good marriage. Then we came to Hyderabad.

Encouraged by the husband ...
Our people have encouraged me greatly. They supported me. I have completed BSc Physics through distance learning. While studying a degree, computers, typing, and shorthand. I have done a PG Diploma in Cosmetics along with Beautician and Advanced Beauty courses. I also did astrology and magic courses. Currently doing Law. Seeing my tendency to read and drive like a car, I don’t care what the girl is talking about. Their criticism is that a poor kid from a small town could fly to the sky. Because of the problems we have faced in our family since childhood, I have realized the need to grow up in this society. That is why you have to step up to the ropes and criticism of the neighbors.

My mind’s desire to achieve something along with age has also grown. As a female entrepreneur, women want to be employed. I did a beautician course so the beauty parlor looked like it would. But that work is limited to four walls. I don’t like it. This made me feel like I couldn’t get the recognition I wanted in society. It is also possible to earn money by doing the job but not the four. That is why any business, along with money, will have a name and identity. Along with this, confidence seemed to increase.

Herbal products ...
The National Institute of Rural Development and Khadi and Village Industries is trained in the manufacture of detergents, liquid soaps, phenols, herbal shampoos, hair oils, and face packs. I’ve also taken up training in women entrepreneurs such as the Confederation of Women Entrepreneurs. I just saw the little paper ad. Thus, the manufacture of chemical products such as detergents and phenyl. But the chemicals in them have had an impact on my health. At one point I got up. How can I offer products to customers if I am sick? I asked myself. Do that.
Just then another thought flashed in my brain. Since I have done the PG Diploma in Cosmetics, I have come up with the idea that Herbal products, such as Herbal Shampoos, Hair Oils, Herbal Soaps and Facepacks, are good for non-chemical and natural beauty products. That thought was turning my life around.

The formulas for making these are also taught in the Cosmetics course. So .. that knowledge has been useful for my business. We have developed a total of 21 herbal products. Start contract manufacturing. This means that we can manufacture and deliver Herbal products to anyone who orders them. They sell and paste their company labels on it. That is our way of making products. The labels are theirs. Some women even come to us and take large quantities of herbal products and sell them individually or under the names of their women’s associations. There are also many customers who come to us separately.

The staff are women …
I did not have the necessary funds to buy the necessary machinery to manufacture the products and to provide the necessary infrastructure for the establishment of the industry. Never hesitated, though. Herbal products are in our small house. My initial investment was 2,500 rupees. I made three liters of herbal shampoo with that amount. My Herbal products that started doing that are now achieving a turnover of thirteen lakhs per year.

We enhance the quality of the products to suit the tastes of the consumers. Our herbal products range from 20 grams to half a kilo. The prices range from Rs 20 to Rs 160. We will deliver the products individually if there is a bill order of at least Rs 500. There are 13 other women, except for one product delivery boy. They work in the manufacture, labeling, cooling of the mixture, caps to bottles, and filling bottles.
There is no bank I can turn to for credit for the installation of machinery and infrastructure. Every bank has had to do something about lending. This is why I own a small amount of money. We use Stoves, Grinders, Mixi and Roti Makers to make Herbal products. There are also sealing machines. But if the quantity of Herbal products now being manufactured is greater than the quantity required, the machinery is mandatory. Products at that level will be delivered after five years!

Those are the three practices…
Initially, there were many setbacks. Some people laughed at this when I displayed my Herbal Beauty products at an exhibition in Hyderabad. Others made different kinds of comments. Others criticize not only my products but also what I look like. It was then that I realized how difficult marketing is. That is why I adhere to these three principles – quality, quantity, and affordability. Because of this, despite the competition in the industry, I have not seen a decline in the number of customers for my products. We also distribute our products to Ayurveda and gynecologists. As well as promoting products in various apartments in the city. Doing so has increased the list of customers day by day. Herbal products have started to be sold not just in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana but through Mouth Publicity. Expatriates also buy and carry. Others offer bulk orders.

So many tensions …
I have been to many exhibitions. I put all the products on the two-wheeler and went to the exhibition and returned home at midnight. There have been times when Eve has been infected and harassed by teasers. No more criticism. Eddeva did when she thought of putting up a beauty parlor. When he made and sold Phenol, he talked about the toilet as a toilet cleaner. They are talking to me with great respect and respect for my achievement. They asked me if I would join a Dvacra team at the exhibitions. Refused to join their Dwakra community.
Those women came to me once and asked, “Can you lend anything?” Despite my many obstacles, I never forgot my goal of becoming an entrepreneur. Those who aspire to be entrepreneurs will succeed if they can balance the family and the business. For them, marriage is not a hindrance. I have received a lot of support from all of us, from our boys, aunts and from birth. That’s why I’m at this level now. The words of those who have criticized me and mocked me have persevered and made me achieve my goal.

All are herbal products …
Our company’s name is Perfect Herbal Products. We manufacture Herbal Shampoos, Herbal Hair Oils, Bhrungaraj Hair Oil, Anti Dandruff Oil, Herbal Black Henna, Face Packs and Scrubs. We have two types of brands. One of us is the brand of the telephone. The second is the Glow and Grow brand of Herbal products. There are 21 herbal products available under these brands.

Grandma’s golden path …
Our Kerala grandma is the person who inspired me to make Herbal Beauty products. My husband’s grandmother. A well-educated woman of that period. Ayurveda has a good grasp of Ayurveda. That is why she has guided me in the preparation of these. I can’t recall that support.” – Mrs.Lavanaya

Mrs Lavanya Success story video link: https://youtu.be/s7Q68xlVYSk

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