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Franchise business opportunity: Earn Rs.6lakhs per month with Matrix franchise

Franchise Opportunity: Earn 6lakhs rupees for a month with the Matrix franchise opportunity.

I’ve going to let you know about the newest franchise business opportunity. This franchise opportunity is offered by a reputed company that has been providing services in Andhra Pradesh for 25 years. Those in West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana can avail this opportunity.

Let’s go into more details! You all know about the aqua sector. The state of Andhra Pradesh is a leader in aqua products in the country. The present government is also determined to promote aquaculture, aqua products, and aqua exports. Experts believe that as the consumption of shrimp is highly beneficial in terms of health, the popularity of aqua products around the world will increase in the future and the sector is likely to grow further. So there are many opportunities in the aqua industry for those who want to do business.

Matrix Franchise

So for those looking to start any business in this aqua industry, Matrix Sea Foods, a company that has been providing services in the field of aqua medicine and feed manufacturing for over 25 years, is offering a business opportunity. As part of this, the Matrix Sea Foods Company will set up a Matrix franchise in each city where aquaculture takes place.
This franchise offers opportunities to thriving farmers and the rural unemployed. Receives applications from them for the management of these franchises.

And when it comes to the Matrix franchise,
Currently, farmers mostly resort to labs for water tests and aqua shops for medicines. Farmers still face many difficulties in deciding which drug to use in case of any disease. Also, many lakhs of rupees are being lost due to small mistakes made by some farmers.
With all of these issues in mind, the company will set up Matrix Aqua Science Centers, the Matrix franchise.

The Matrix franchise is a one-stop shop for aquafeed, medicine, labs, and aqua clinics. In these franchises, farmers can test their pond water every week to find out how the water report in their ponds is.

And when it comes to the services that the company offers to those who take the Matrix franchise,
The company recruits the required Lab Technician and Field Technician for the franchise. As well as
Gives advice and guidance to farmers every day from Acharya Nagarjuna University, Guntur.
Training farmers on best management practices through aqua seminars 2 -3 times per month.
Shrimp King provides social media like mobile app, Facebook page, YouTube channel, services to the farmers coming to the franchise.
Also the company .. supports offline promotions like hoardings, banners, wallpaintings.
The company also offers financial incentives such as Matrix franchisees, higher discount prices, free goods, turnover discounts, and festival discounts.


The Matrix franchise includes the company’s Feed & Medicare products for sale.
Our feed is a premium functional feed containing 40% protein. Currently almost all the companies in the market offer only feed containing 35-36% protein. The Matrix Company only offers feed containing 40% protein at subsidized prices. Also all the products are CAA approved and have been popular with farmers for 25 years.
and complete healthcare products from seed stocking to harvesting. Probiotics, minerals, feed supplements & nutraceuticals, organic and safe.

And when it comes to investing in a Matrix franchise,
Those who are interested in setting up this franchise can set up a franchise with an investment of Rs 10 lakh to Rs 1 crore. Of this Rs 10 lakh, 10% is to be invested in lab equipment. 20% investment is required for the desired interior of the Matrix franchise. Franchise owners with the remaining 70% investment will need to order Matrix Feed and Medicine.


Those who take this Matrix franchise will have up to 20% net profit on Medicare sales, as well as upto 10% Net profit on Feed Sales. This profit would go to all kinds of expenses and customer discounts. The company says that depending on your investment in a franchise during the season, the investment of 10 lakhs will have a turnover of over 5x.

If you have any doubts about this Matrix franchise, contact the company. Those who are interested in this business, the company should discuss all the issues with them, take a look at everything and make a decision.
Contact them via their phone numbers with the matrix company that appears on this screen. Contact via whatsapp if phone number call waiting or busy.

M / s Matrix Sea Foods.
Phone numbers: 72079 48803, 72079 10866.
Website: https: //

Franchise Opportunity: Earn 6lakhs rupees for a month with the Matrix franchise opportunity.

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