Entrepreneur ideas in india | Success Story of Rishika Chandan in india

That’s her new idea. The result is .. The Home Saloon. Success story of Rishika Chandan in india.
most inspiring entrepreneur story of rishika chandan in india.

Rishika Chandana Success story video in telugu: https://youtu.be/dlClPhixok4
If you ask Rishi how did you come up with the idea of ​​starting an original home salon? That is, there are no such salons. Then came the idea of ​​this mobile saloon. Essential commodities, food items, renters, etc. are all in front of the house. Why can’t the services of well-trained therapists be added to customers’ homes? Come on. Sharpened that idea .. I have written an armored plan. And so .. The Home Salon originated.

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