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Earn money online without investment by using topiko app

Earn money online without investment by using topiko app:

A company called “TOPIKO” provides a part time earning opportunity where you can easily earn money by simply referring businesses. This company provides its services to businesses through TOPIKO app and helps their business growth.
Through TOPIKO app, whoever the business owners are, they can maintain their own business very easily in this app. It has a simple interface. They have many features available in this app. That means business listing products, services, offers listing. You can also advertise your own business in this app. A free website will be given to every business owner who signs up in this app. You can also create your own customer support in this app. All these features come at a very low subscription cost.


Your main role in this topiko earning opportunity is to introduce the topiko app to your network or to business owners you know. You have to invite the business owners to login to topiko app with your referral id and do the business listing. That’s all you have to do! You can easily withdraw to UPI ID.
This topiko app.. is available in playstore, app store. If you open the Topiko app, there will be a signup process. First enter your name and then your mobile number.



Then OK the tick mark in “I agree option” and click on proceed mark. Then you will get an OTP number to the mobile number you entered. Enter that OTP number. Then press proceed button again. Now you set 4 digit Mpin as password.
After all this process, login with your mobile number, Mpin.

Now how to earn through this app, if you go to “refer and earn” option, you will see your referral code. So this referral code should be shared with your contact friends and business owners in your area. So if any user signup in this topiko app through your referral code, some amount will be credited in your wallet. If any business is registered through your referral code, you will get huge commission. Every registration and renewals also get commission. You can also share this referral code to your acquaintances through your whatsapp, telegram. You can withdraw to UPI ID very easily.



You can list all types of businesses in your area. For example, electronics shops, cafes, supermarkets, dry cleaning shops, cloth & readymade stores, computer and gadgets shops, electrical and plumbing stores, you can register every possible business in this topiko app. Also you can list all kinds of services and products like plumber, carpenter, mechanic, pest control. This app has features like Chat, Voice, Video calls to connect with your contacts.
Now let us know about the business features of topiko app.

Topiko company provides all kinds of services to the business owners who register in their app to grow their business.
Whoever the business owners are, this app has a simple topiko app interface to enable them to maintain their own business.

Topiko app provides some features to those who have created a business profile like this. Provides products, services, offers, employee features. If you are selling any products, you should list the products in the products option or if you are a business that provides any services, then list the services you provide in the services option. Also, if you are giving any offers to your customers, update the details in the offers option. Also, to interact with your customers, if you have any employees, update their contact details in the employee option. By doing this, you can easily inform your customers about your products, services, offers. Customer support facility will also be established.



For those who have listed like this, Topiko app provides the facility to advertise at a very low cost. It also provides a free website for your business. You don’t need to manage the website any more.

Every update you make in the app will also be updated live on the website. You can maintain your app and website yourself without any technical knowledge..
Now you can share your business profile to your customers and new contacts through WhatsApp from Topiko app. You can grow your business well.
So you can promote your business from home, refer the app and earn good income. The more business listings you make every month, the more commission you will get.

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