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Deccan Chai franchise business opportunity in india

Today, the tea business sector in our country is one of the sectors that provide employment to lakhs of people. For those who want to start a tea franchise business in such a tea business sector, a famous tea chain company will set up a tea franchise at a very low investment, without huge fees and huge setups. The brand name of the tea franchise is “Deccan Chai”, which has been well received by the customers of the tea outlets that have opened within a short time of its inception. Deccan Chai is a leading tea chain company offering Hyderabadi style chai which is famous in Telangana state to tea lovers.


This DECCAN CHAI TEA franchise fee is only 1,29,500/-. Nowadays, anyone who wants to set up their own tea shop can become more than this. An important aspect of this franchise is the menu. The management of raw material is burdensome for the franchisees, as seen in any franchises that have come so far.

This DECCAN CHAI tea franchise has thoroughly examined the customer’s tastes in the market for a year and has included the most selling recipes in the menu. Their total menu including food items does not exceed 20 items. It means lower maintenance burden and higher profits.
Another important thing about this franchise is that apart from coming with a traditional name of Deccan Chai, as soon as you walk into the outlet, you will see wall posters and photo frames that give you a different feel from other tea franchises. They are attractive enough to take a selfie near them. There is no doubt that this Deccan Chai will offer a new experience not only in name, fee, menu, branding, but also in taste, say managers and customers.

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This DECCAN CHAI company was launched in Telangana on August 8th 2022 by famous movie director Maruthi. Present 30 outlets have been booked for today. 5 outlets have been set up.
Now this DECCAN CHAI company offers DECCAN CHAI franchisees in all district centers, towns, rural areas and all other areas in both the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Those who are interested can use this franchise opportunity and earn good income.

1,29,500/- to be paid to the company for this DECCAN CHAI TEA franchise fee. 1,29,500/- on behalf of the company, what will the franchisee get for this amount? Everyone’s doubt! Now let’s know those things.

As part of kitchen equipment, the company provides all the kitchen items required to process the Deccan Chai menu. The company offers everything from refrigerators to French fries machines to gas stoves. Along with kitchen equipment, the company provides enough raw materials to generate a revenue of up to 50 thousand. Also when it comes to branding, back light board, frames, menu, wall poster, lollipop board/ stand board come.

To start this DECCAN CHAI franchise, you need a minimum of 100 sq. Need a shop in busy commercial area with Fts. And for DECCAN CHAI franchisee, no royalty fees need to be paid to the company monthly. This DECCAN CHAI franchise, the company will set up the franchise for you in the budget. The amount you pay will be spent on outlet interior design, kitchen equipment, outlet name boards etc. Not a single rupee extra from you, for the company. The company says that you will have 40 to 60% profit margin in this business.

Also, the company will supply quality raw materials or ingredients required for the preparation of DECCAN CHAI menu items to your outlet from time to time.

Also the company will give full training to your chef on DECCAN CHAI menu items. Provides online promotion support to your franchisee. The company always gives all kinds of advice and suggestions that you need to do business.


So, if you have any queries regarding these DECCAN CHAI details, contact the company. Those who are interested in this business, discuss everything with the company, examine everything and take a decision.

Contact DECCAN CHAI Company through their phone numbers given below. Contact via whatsapp if the phone number is call waiting or busy.

OFFICE ADDRESS: 13-23-104, Telephone Colony,
Tyagarayanagar, Kothapet, Hyderabad, 500035
Phone numbers: 98521 28128, 91211 58128.

That’s it readers! Details about DECCAN CHAI franchise business. Let us know your opinion on this video in the comments.

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