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Chicha chai franchise business, tea franchise business opportunity in india

Chicha chai franchise business opportunity in india:

In this article, let’s learn about another new tea franchise business opportunity that can be started with low investment and is trending in the market!

Before going into the details, when it comes to the main highlights in this franchise business, in addition to company items, outside items can also be placed in this franchise store. There are no conditions. One week complimentary free training, No royalty are the special features of this franchise opportunity.




When it comes down to it, when we are not feeling well, we call the people we like and talk for a long time. As a general, we call whomever we like with a feeling. If it’s a friend, if it’s a hug, if it’s close. Even if we have a headache, are dull, sleepy while studying, or have a lot of work, we feel better if we drink tea.

So here you can see man and chai with the same feeling.. at Chicha Chai outlet. These chicha chai outlets have formed chai franchises in many places without any advertising, just by word of mouth.

These chicha chai outlets have the best taste, quality, best price, hygiene, ambience, different flavors, so these franchises have been established in many areas.



This Chicha Chai outlet not only has tea, but also coffees, sandwiches, burgers, pizzas, crispy fried chickens, hot almonds, coolers, premium shakes, milk shakes, flavored milks, different types of teas, etc.

Currently this chiccha chai company offers chiccha chai franchises in all states, all district centers, towns and all other areas in India. Interested aspiring businessmen, unemployed youth, women, retired employees can use this franchise opportunity and earn good income.

When it comes to chicha chai franchise opportunity,
To start this Chicha Chai franchise, you need a minimum of 100 sq. Need a shop in busy commercial area with Fts.
This franchise investment comes with a franchise fee depending on the mandal, district or city level. Why is it that the money spent on chai and other things in a small town is not spent in the city? So the franchise investment depends on the location.



Also for chiccha chai outlet, look for a good location, take a shop, install kitchen flatform, kitchen partition, electric work, and if the shop taken is old, do a little POP, the rest will be installed by chiccha chai company.

Besides display case, sign board, lolly pop board, fridge, freezer, bender, induction, microwave, stove, t-shirts, opening balloon, all chiccha chai company will arrange. Also gives free training. No royalty.

Chicha Chai menu includes chai varieties and sandwiches like Grill Veg Sandwich, Panneer Tikka Sandwich, Chicken Tikka Sandwich, Burgers like Grill Veg Burger, Schezwan Burger, Chicken Cheese Burger, Chicken Zinger Burger, Cheese Corn Pizza, Panneer Pizza, Chicken Cheese Pizza , Pizzas like Chicken Tikka Pizza, Chicken Lollipops, Chicken Wings, Chicken Popcorn, Drumsticks, Boneless Strips and crispy fried chickens.
Similarly, as long as the chiccha chai flavors don’t disturb you, you can put puffs, bakery items, etc. in this store without any conditions.

If you give Chicha Chai store near one, then if you want to give it to another person in the same location, if it is in the city, then at least 1 km distance, if it is in the mandal, town… it will be given only in that town.

The cost of the menu is customer preference. The company will suggest the minimum and maximum amount depending on your area.
Also, after setting up a chiccha chai outlet in any area, the company observes it for at least six months. If there is any problem for the business there, you can set up an outlet in another place. If you want to move the store to another location, you don’t need to pay any charges to the company.
If a new flavor is introduced in the menu at Chai outlet, the company itself will give training about that flavor. It is also given as a weekly compliment.




Along with these, they also give training on how to keep the store neat and how to be with the customers. Until now the owner of the company has not given any advertisement. These franchises have been established in many areas with the feedback of the franchisee or tea drinkers.

Also, the company always gives all kinds of advice and suggestions that you need to do business.
If you have any queries regarding the details of this Chicha Chai franchise, contact the company. Those who are interested in this business, discuss everything with the company, examine everything and take a decision.

Phone numbers: 94916 51751, 95989 59899.

That’s it readers! Details about CHICHA CHAI franchise business. Share your opinion on this article in the comments.

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