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Now let us learn about 
Jute fabric bags making business in this video:

Women are now stepping up their family responsibilities, not just cooking and household chores, but also raising money. The Central and State Governments are providing assistance to such women. However, given the demands of the market, there are many opportunities for women to work together and earn a good income easily.
Now let us learn about such an idea.
As a matter of fact, the central government has banned the use of plastic bags. This has now resulted in better demand for fabric jute bags. Customers are eager to buy these bags because they are environmentally friendly. So you are able to earn a good income by making these jute bags. Fabric Jewelry Bags are especially helpful for women together. One unit for the manufacture of fabric jute bags in particular. Also, lifting is much easier. How Is Training? There is away. These Jute Bags are made available to women in Rural Self Employment Training Institutes RSETIs run by banks and the central government in one city in each district. They are also distributing Jewett Bags Training Program Certificate and Tool Kits for Women.

With this jute, you can make handbags, suitcases, shopping bags folders, professional bags, and window curtains. You can sell beautiful designs and screen print designs on top of the usual ones. It is great to have a nice fabric design on the backpacks that the college students carry. Nowadays everyone is using environmentally friendly products so this is good support for small businesses.

Raw Materials for Jute Bag Manufacturing Business
Need jute fabric, dyestuff, PVC buckles, bamboo sticks, sewing threads.

 Coming up with the machines needed to set up the Jute Bag Manufacturing business
Need heavy duty suing machine, manual screen printing machine, wood table, scissors. The price of the heavy-duty suing machine starts from Rs 25,000 and the manual screen printing machine starts at Rs 20,000. It costs around Rs 50,000 to buy these machines & tools.

 Raw Materials & Machines for this Business are available at

Now let us see in this video how to make Jute bags and how to do screen printing on bags (

You can set up this business in a vacant space with 500 square feet.

Now let’s learn about income & expenses:-

– Jute Fabric Roll for Jute Bag Manufacturing
– A jute fabric roll up to 200 meters by 1.2 meters wide.
– 400 bags can be made with a jute fabric roll. (19 “x15” Size)
– A meter jute fabric costs Rs. There will be 30.
Making 120 bags per day, 120 x 30 = 3600 bags per month. 3600 bags requires 3600/400 = 9rolls.
– ie 9 rolls x 200 meters x Rs.30 (meter cost) = Rs. 54,000 will cost Jute Fabric.
And for the cost of screen printing + sewing threads + colors = Rs. 3 finger who
– Total Raw Materials Investment for 3600 Bags Rs. 57,000.
– The cost of bag manufacturing (57000/3600 = 15.8) will be Rs.16.
– If the bag is sold at Rs.26 per bag, we get a profit of Rs.10 per bag.
– This means that if you sell 3600 bags you will get Rs. 36,000 per month income. Comes.
Note Friends: The details of this income and expenses are only being told to you for an estimate. Depending on the price you sell, there may be changes to suit your local circumstances.

Now let’s learn about marketing:-

– If bulk orders are taken from cloth stores and supermarkets … they can be sold and branded by the company. So that the orders are also continually coming.
– The demand for jute bags has increased due to the plastic bans in supermarkets as well. So there are also marketing opportunities out there. Other beautiful jute design bags, handbags, suits, shopping bags, folders, professional bags, window curtains, etc. can be sold on social media such as Facebook and on these eCommerce websites such as Amazon and Flipkart.

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