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Business ideas for womens in india | story of successful village women entrepreneurs in india

Searching for business ideas for womens in india? you visited the perfect website on New business ideas in india. Now let us learn about success story of women entrepreneurs in small businesses in india.

This is the article about the inspirational story of successful women entrepreneurs.
Story video in telugu link: https://youtu.be/oMmPr3Qs5v0

The women of the poor families all week … If they win the situation. Yet they were nowhere to be found. Never lost confidence. They believed that they would find employment if they specialized in a field of interest and interest. All of them formed communities and took advantage of government cooperation. Women in each community choose one employment field and stand on their own feet, making them ideal for the rest.

In Thottapalli, Vijayanagaram district, Gowarubilli Mandal, women are choosing to be self-employed and stand on their feet and excel in different fields. All the women of the village formed 24 groups. Some of them opted for brick making, while others began watching cable TV. Others are learning a variety of textures with banana linen. Members of the Sivagayathri Thrift Society have started making bricks that do no harm to the environment. The machine is made of bricks with a mixture of red clay, raybuggi, whites and cement. These quality bricks are heavier than normal ones. They have gained popularity in building. Also, the women of the self-help groups were the cause of many channels in the garden before the cable TV broadcasts in the area. The women of the Padmavati community used to watch movies with VCP and cassettes before cable broadcasts. Subsequently, the technology has been adapted to provide pay channels not only here but also to the neighboring villages. Others trained in a charity and excelled in textiles. They are making a variety of designs with banana linen. Door mats, table mats, wallets, handbags, small children’s hats, hand bags and floral accessories are beautifully made. With the help of NABARD, they will soon be setting up special stalls. Along with them, many women support the family in the grocery and clothing business.

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